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In 1992 two local businessmen with fifty years of combined aviation experience formed Kansas Aviation of Independence. The business started with four employees in a 12,500 sq. ft hangar, hard work and dedication resulted in rapid growth and the need for the construction of a new 15,500 sq. ft. main building. Subsequent growth led to the building being expanded to the 30, 000 sq. ft. world class certified facility the company operates in today.

In 2003 we introduced the Character First program into the organization, establishing the foundation for a strong company culture. With the program, we train employees on forty-nine unique character qualities and recognize our employees when they display a positive character trait. Our Motto is "catch an employee doing something right and tell them".

In 2015, VSE Corporation acquired Kansas Aviation, who is viewed today as a leader in engine accessory overhaul and repair. While we have grown to become one of the largest global facilities by volume of its kind, we have never forgotten our humble family roots. We have over one thousand unique part numbers on our capabilities list and overhaul tens of thousands of units per year. However, when you send your accessory to Kansas Aviation you will be treated just like you were in 1992 when there were only four employees. We pride ourselves on being professional, kind, caring and ready to serve whatever your needs are.

Our future continues to look bright as we add to our capabilities list. If you have an accessory we do not show on our capabilities list, give us a call or drop us an email and we will certainly consider adding it. We appreciate the thousands of customers we have had the privilege of serving the last twenty-one years. We will always make "Your Priorities Our Priorities".

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Two Local Businessmen

Kansas Aviation was founded as a greenfield accessory operation by two local businessmen; consisting of only two customers, one product and one test rig. Curtis Lavine, a lifelong aviation professional brought with him years of MRO experience and a vision where employees wanted to come to work and customers felt like friends, not invoices. The company had very humble beginnings and in the early years the file cabinets were boxes and the fax machine was a rental. In 2007, both original owners retired from Kansas Aviation. Although, they are no longer in the business their legacy continues today.

"I have never known another man who can tolerate the risks of a new startup business like Curtis, he is fearless" - Toby Lavine

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The Lavines

Family Business

The son of founder Curtis Lavine was asked to join the company in 1995. Curtis and Toby were fishing buddies all their lives, but they had a lifelong dream that someday they would be in business together. It has been said there is nothing harder than working with a family member, the Lavines were no exception; once they began working together they had to learn to function as father/son while also respecting their roles in the workplace. Both men brought strong leadership backgrounds to the company. By finding common ground they found the winning combination for Kansas Aviation, resulting in exponential growth between 1995 and 2007.

"I have worked for large corporations and military bases my whole career, I have never met a leader who can take an existing business and grow it like Toby" - Curtis Lavine.

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Toby Lavine


In 2001, Toby was named President of Kansas Aviation, bringing a diverse business and educational background to the leadership role. Under Toby's direction the company has evolved into a world class leader in engine accessory overhauls. He is dedicated to creating a healthy company culture by providing character training, financial classes and technical training. He believes the strongest asset of an organization is its people and recognizes that company success relies on dedicated and caring employees.

"We have built a special place in Kansas. We are like a family who enjoys serving each other and our customers. Our future remains bright because we love what we do" - Toby Lavine.


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Kansas Aviation specializes in the overhaul and repair of oil, air and fuel related engine accessories on the PT6A, PT6T, PW100, PW150, PW300, JT15D, CJ610, CF700, Allison 250, CF34 and PW901 engines. Our focus is on providing friendly, fast and flexible service of the highest quality to all customers. Learn more by choosing a category below.

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As a part of our commitment to quality, every customer unit gets the VIP treatment with a full 360 degree, rotating image upon receipt and again prior to shipment. Be sure to view a brief demo.

See Our AWESOME 3D parts Images - EVERY Customer Unit gets an inbound and outbound record !

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